Applied data science mentoring program for analysts, software engineers, and STEM student to transition into data science. 

1:1 mentorship. Real-world project and data.
100% job guarantee.

Even if you have worked with data in your current job or university programs, it typically takes 12-24 months for you to learn how to solve real-world data science problems, and then another 6-12 months to find your first data science job. That's 18-36 months in total

That is too long. And most people give up around 6-12 months. 

What if you can become a competent applied data scientist with real-world project experience, and then land your first applied data science job in just 9-11 months, with 100% job guarantee?

What if you can have TWO industry veterans - one former Lead Data Scientist and one former Head of Data - giving your personalised guidance and feedback every step of your journey?

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Our mentees

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