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In each organization, there are a few data scientists who stand out from the rest. Other data scientists look up to them. Business and product people value their opinions. They work on the most important projects. And rumour says that their salaries are at a whole different level.

They are the go-to data scientists at their organizations.

When you look into how they differ from other data scientists, you will find a wide range of factors: domain knowledge, network within the company, or even charisma. But the most significant factor in their ability to deliver value on their data science projects consistently.

And that is not easy. After all, most data science projects failed to deliver any real-world value. And if you haven't managed to deliver value in your past projects, more coding tutorials or research papers won't get you there.

What you need is a systematic approach that allows you to go from a blank canvas to tangible delivery as quickly as possible while ensuring that you solve the right problem and avoid all the rabbit holes along the way.

It usually takes new data scientists 3-5 years to figure out that approach.

What if you can learn that in 8 weeks, not only by having 1:1 mentoring with industry veterans but also by delivering a successful real-world project that you choose? 

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